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New Inventory and New Warehouse!

By on Aug 11, 2014 in News | 0 comments

New Warehouse As of August 1st, Down Right Productions has a new home. We have moved into a huge warehouse in Whately, MA. It will give us enough room to grow for many years, and with open spaces, high ceilings, and steel beams, we can set up stages, lighting rigs, and sound systems for testing and rehearsing. We currently have a band out of Boston rehearsing in our space, and they will be going out on their Fall tour with a lighting package from our inventory, designed by our team. New Inventory Over the course of the Spring and Summer, we have been rapidly increasing our inventory in all departments. Some examples: Lighting: Our new moving lights, LEDs, and Intelligent controllers make us the largest home of professional lighting products in Western Massachusetts! High End Systems Road Hog 4: Intelligent Lighting Console Jands Stage CL: LED lighting controller Elation Rayzor Q12z: Fast, Bright moving light with variable zoom and eye candy effects Blizzard Blade RGBW: Incredibly fast moving light with a laser-tight beam. Great for aerial effects Elation Opti 30 UV: Ultraviolet LED Light. A great powersaving alternative to UV Blacklights Blizzard Skybox EXA: Battery Powered, Wirelessly Controlled Multipurpose LED stage light and uplight. Say goodbye to wires forever! Audio:  Shure SLX: Wireless microphone system with headset, lav, and handheld microphones EV QRX 75/115: Full range speaker cabinets- excellent for PAs and monitor systems Yamaha LS9: Digital mixing console Video: Blackmagic Designs Ultrastudio 4k: Professional, HD video switcher Sanyo 5000 lumen projectors Sony HD video...

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